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Fidogear Dog Coats / Puppy Coats

All our indispensable FidoGear™ dog coats are made by hand in America. They are designed to keep your dog warm and dry in cold weather – or nice and cool during the hot summer months. All coats are made to fit each dog individually.


Fidogear, with fast delivery for Tacoma pet store clients seeking more convenience, higher quality pet supplies and great deals on rugged outdoor dog and puppy gear. Our excellent selection of Winter Dog Products include dog coats and dog booties (aka FidoBoots™) for every condition.  Our wide variety of harnesses including cart harnesses are designed to be rugged and functional. Each dogpack & dog life jackets are constructed with tough grade Cordura for long lasting use. Be sure to check out our books about hiking and skijoring with your dog. Once you do, take a look at our skijoring equipment, and much more. So feel free to browse our store to see everything we have to offer!

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