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Fidogear Fan Club

HI Tara,   ...I am always happy to pass on the best word for Fidogear , especially those bitch panties.. I have never... and I am not blowing any smoke.. but NEVER found any panties that compare to those of yours.. I  own 6 bernese and three of them are seasoning females and they wear nothing but Fidogear.. they stay put on them.. never need to worry about the velcro snapping off or the panties not being secure.. so i am always happy to rave about the product.. it is a wonderful one.  - Colleen, Snowy Pines

Hello.  Thought you'd like to see Jengo in the new jacket we ordered from you.  My other dog has had a FidoGear jacket for years and years, so we thought we'd get our new puppy one.  We're very happy with it.  Thank you. - Debra

Oscar's collars fit perfecly.  I was surprised by how quickly they arrived.  Thank you very much.  - Stacey 

Hi Tara.............received the "Beautiful Brown and Gold" collar. Fit perfectly! Of course "Blaze" looks wonderfully wearing it and I have receive several comments on just how gorgeous it looks on him! Thanks for all your extra time you spent in making sure this was the right color and size for my new Vizsla dog "Blaze!" Will be contacting you shortly for a back seat cover for my Subraru Outback. Thanks again...and loads of success in your future....... Jean - Perfect Tail Wag'n Express of Gig Harbor.

Apollo's Winter Coat
Hello, First I wanted to let you know how much I adore Apollo's jacket. It was perfect for the snow days, Apollo loved playing in the snow (his first snow!) and his coat kept him nice and warm. I included a few pictures, the first one is Apollo and I going in search for a Christmas tree and then just some of him goofing off in the backyard. Thank you again,  Kat and Apollo

Justice's Polar Coat
Hello!  My miniature poodle (Justice) is so adorable and comfortable in his fleece jacket. We are totally delighted with it! It fits perfectly and looks so elegant. We get lots of compliments at the off-leash dog park in Lakewood. My German Shepherd needs to have a fleece jacket now, too. He has some arthritis in his hips, and your thoughtful styling covers that area so well. Thanks for your help! Best regards,  Gail & Justice

Cruze Harness
Thank You Tara, Cruz Loves The New Bling Harness, He Walks Very Good With It And Fits Him Like A Glove - Good Job Well Done

Jennifer and Tilly
The harnesses worked great!! Tilly passed on both days and people loved the new look she and Ripley sported.  Thanks, Jennifer

Jengo's Poloar Coat
Hello.  Thought you'd like to see Jengo in the new jacket we ordered from you.  My other dog has had a FidoGear jacket for years and years, so we thought we'd get our new puppy one.  We're very happy with it.  Thank you.  Debra

Joey does not really love having his picture taken, but he loves going out doors in his new Fidogear coat.  Thanks Dustin, Tara & Sadie.  I will fill out a review. Barb

Yes, I got my order.  Everything looks great.  Thanks for your fast service.  And I'll be ordering again sometime.  Millie

Hi Tara -- I rec'd the new collar and leash for Diamond.  Its perfect!  Thanks,  Stacey

Dustin and Tara,  Oscar's collars fit perfecly.  I was surprised by how quickly they arrived. Thank you very much.  Stacey

I wanted to let you know that Isis's harness arrived this week and it fits her just fine. She's not sure what she thinks of it yet. I took her for a walk around the neighborhood and she did fine, but we haven't had a chance to do any more adventurous activities with it on her yet. Thank you for adding the reflective tape--I think that will come in handy during the winter here in Alaska. Alberta

We are very happy with Sukoshi's harness. It looks good and it's just the right size. We want you to know that we think you did a great job. Kevin and Marianne

Cruze Harness
Kizzy and Kola
(from left to right)
I got my sight hound collar from Fidogear after going through a number of different collars. The other collars had metal on them and chaffed my neck. It was painful and unsightly, not to mention it made me look like my pack leaders were not caring for me. Since I received my Fido Gear sight hound collar I have not experienced any problems. A plus for my safety is that I can't slip out of it when I get distracted. Thanks Fidogear, Kizzy

On time when the pack was going to Home Depot, my sister Kizzy got scared by something and slipped out of her collar. Fortunately she is very smart and ran inside the store. Our leaders were very frightened and got us both these spiffy collars. No more "slip outs" for us. Thanks Fidogear, Kola

Binkley Cart Harness
The harness is great! He had no problems wearing it. Now we are working on 1/4 full soda bottles. Thanks, Noelle and Binkley

Thanks for your phone help on fitting the hound collar for my dog Cobber. It arrived today. The collar is beautiful and fits perfectly for now, yet allows for an inch or so of growth. Great job! Patricia

The leash was EXACTLY what I was looking for!! My golden retriever and I are loving it. Thank you very much!! Jackie

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